FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ??? is a powerfull Shiba token (BE20) miner server where any one can join with shib BEP20 address and start mining. It is only supported Shib BEP20 address. Not support ERC20 or TRC20 address.

This server supports only shiba BEP20 wallet address to join and withdraw your mining balance. Not accept ERC20 or TRC20 address. You have to mind that if you not use BEP20 address to join, you can not able to withdraw your mining balance.

You can create SHIB BEP20 wallet using online services like , using binance application or using Trust Wallet application.

You can not change your registered wallet address. In registration must use SHIB BEP20 wallet address.

You can mine shiba with your registration bonus miner that is limited. But if you want to withdraw and want to mine unlimited shiba inu, you have to order our powerfull premium miner.

You will earn 5% to 20% from your referred person investment every time instantly after confirmed deposit.

Our withdraw system confirms instantly. But some time it will little time for network confirming.

You have to send extra 10000 shib to active plan and coinfirmed.

Deposit is take five minutes to two hours. It is depended upon network confermations. But there is no doubt that your deposit must active plan in timely.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 25000 Shib , 2000-10000 sib transaction fee. Minimal upgrade amount is 60000 shib.

You need to send the remaining amount to the same address.

Yes, the account is deleted if there was no activity on it for 10 days.

Yes, of course, you can buy any number of miners, their power is summed.

No. If you create multiple accounts or try to get illigal refer bonus activity , you will bann automatically without any notice. If you have any problem in your current account, you will use support system to open another account.